Thursday, June 13, 2013

Advantages of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

When you go vacuum cleaner shopping, you will have to decide whether to buy an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum cleaner. Both of these can clean your home well, but each type has distinct advantages over the other. You should decide which type of vacuum to buy based on how you plan on using it. Now, I will tell you why canister vacuums are preferred by homeowners over uprights.

Unlike upright vacuums, canisters are very versatile and can clean nearly every surface of your home. This includes hardwood floors, marble, and tile floors in addition to carpets. They have this power because the vacuum head is very light weight, meaning that it does not scratch the surface of hard floors easily. They are also easier to move around than uprights, which are very heavy and require moving the entire body to vacuum a surface.

Since the vacuum cleaner head is a hose, it is very easy to clean in hard to reach places. You can easily clean under, over, and on top of many places in your home, as well as in hard to reach crevices without having to move furniture. The vacuum will move seamlessly around your home, which is a big reason why canisters are very popular today.

Upright and canister vacuums both have good cleaning abilities that aren't much different. Both can be purchased with HEPA filters, which will remove up to 99.97% of allergens from your air. High quality canister vacuums are very quiet compared to other vacuums, meaning that you will not wake your family up if you are vacuuming early in the morning or late at night.

Before you decide which type of vacuum to purchase, try out each style to determine which best cleans your home. The key factor is cleaning ease, which your canister vacuum should provide you with.

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